1. On my Admission Screening for Clearance Result, my age is appearing as 0 Years, why is this?

Answer: You may have incorrectly selected the current year (i.e. 2017) as your year of birth. To correct this error, kindly purchase a supplementary LASU Screening PIN, Login to the website and carefully fill in the correct date of birth.

  1. Why is My passport not appearing on My Admission Screening Profile?

Answer: You may be attempting to upload a picture with a wrong format and/or size. The acceptable file format is

Jpeg not more than 20kb

  1. Why is my Screening result opening as a blank page after downloading?

Answer: The problem could be from your browser. The website is best compatible with Google  Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Edge Browsers.

  1. My name is not correctly spelt on Admission Screening Profile, what is the problem?

Answer: It may be that you incorrectly filled or misspelt your name at the point of Registration. To correct the error, send a mail to attach scanned copies of the documents used to register showing your correct name spelling to back up your claim.

  1. I was trying to proceed with my online screening when the page displayed: Internal server error, what is the problem?

Answer: Please check your internet connection and refresh your page.

  1. My admission screening result is showing “DISQUALIFIED”, what do I do?

Answer: You may have been disqualified for one or more of the following reasons:

  1. Incomplete O-Level Result(s)
  2. Age limit requirement not satisfied
  • Falsification of JAMB result
  1. You have not chosen LASU at all.
  2. Minimum of Five (5) Credits in relevant O-Level subjects not satisfied.
  3. Minimum of Six (6) Credits in relevant O-Level subjects not satisfied.
  • Compulsory relevant alternative O-Level subjects’ requirement not satisfied.
  • Compulsory relevant O-Level subjects’ requirement not satisfied.
  1. Elective relevant O-Level subjects’ requirement not satisfied.

NOTE: Candidates may re-screen\for another course on the condition that they satisfy both UTME and O-Level results requirements.


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